First blog post… My Dog

As I have not got any ideas yet on what I should start posting on (and since I am still very new at this I need to get a hang of this website) I will start off by telling you guys a little about my personal life… someone I can not live without, and that is my dog, Prince. We had gotten him back in 2015 I believe. He was a surprise and was only about 9 weeks old. Now this bad boy is about to turn two very soon. His special day is June 29. We are eagerly waiting for that day to arrive. In these past two years I have gotten very attached to Prince. I don’t think I could ever live without him. Do any of you guys have a dog? Do you have the same feelings? What type is your dog? Mine is a Shih tzu. What’s your dogs name? Comment, like, and please feel free to leave and tips to help me improve my blogging. Give me any ideas on what my next posts should be.




Hey guys. So today I’m going to start off by talking about my day yesterday. Yesterday was a special day for many muslims around the world. After the holy month of Ramadan ends (we fast for 30 days) we celebrate this auspicious with family and friends, we buy new clothes, eat a lot of food, and of course take pictures. On this day we wear traditional clothes like what you see us wearing in the picture. This was our OOTD πŸ˜‰ (had to fit this into fashion somehow) So a little about the rest of my day… after Eid, my family went home, we changed and then went to the mall. After the mall we went to watch a Bollywood movie called Tubelight. We then came home and that was the end of the day! Hope you enjoyed todays update. Don’t forget to click the follow and like button, and comment!! Thank You πŸ™‚


This is my friend Niha and she also has a blog so please go follow her… nihamitha is her username

Nail Collection

Nail rack

Hey guys sorry for not posting for the past couple days I just didn’t know what to post, but then I got the idea of sharing my nail collection. I know I don’t have as many nail polish bottles as many You tubers such as, Jenny Claire Fox. She has like about I think 4 racks and I only have one. Couple days ago I threw away some of my bottles which I didn’t use or just weren’t good enough to be used. If I could I would love to grow my collection, but my mom thinks I have way too many! It’s all cool. Maybe one day. Β In my draw I have some more Nail polish bottles most of them are the Formula X ones. I also have nail stripers, dotting tools, glitter, rhinestones, brushes and much more. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to leave a comment or give me an email. Thank You! πŸ™‚